Growing Pumpkins

Pumpkins prefer to be directly sown but to expand its growing period and produce larger fruit; we recommend starting your seedling indoors and harden off before transplanting outdoors.

  • Sow seeds indoors in pots between March and April and plant outside after the last frost.

  • Choose a sunny position sheltered from cold winds.

  • Transplant the seedlings outside after the last frost avoiding too much root disturbance. Pumpkins should be planted 6 feet apart to allow enough room for growth.

  • Don’t let the seed/seedling dry out. For best results use a propagator or cover with a clear plastic bag.

  • Keep the pumpkins well watered with occasional fertiliser, but ensure the water goes down to the roots and does not sit around the neck of the plant as this can lead to rotting.

Organic mulch can help to retain moisture and provide nutrients throughout the season. Turn the fruits occasionally to encourage an even ripening and avoid rotting.


Please Note…. We have tested our seeds for germination and are confident in the quality of our product. We cannot however guarantee germination due to too many variables, although following the steps above will greatly improve your chances. On a final note, we advise putting netting over your flowerbed to avoid the birds and other animals from stealing your seeds. Happy Growing!


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