Growing broad beans

A compact, dwarf broad bean variety suitable for growing in pots or containers. Produces high yield of quality beans with flavour like none you will find in the supermarkets and will continue to provide nutritious beans throughout the year when picked regularly. For best results sow your seeds between March and April when frost is less likely.

  • Sow seeds directly into the ground or into containers, about 5cm deep and 15cm apart.

  • Once seeds have germinated feed regularly.

  • Pinch out the top 7.5cm of the plants when the first pods start are seen, this will help to encourage fruit growth but also decrease the chances of an aphid attack.

  • Seed to harvest approx. 80 days.

  • When picking pods to shell wait until the beans can be seen through the pod. Do not leave them too long as once the scar on the bean turns black, the beans start becoming tougher.


Please be aware that broad beans are a tasty treat for aphids. One way to reduce the damage is to follow the growing instructions above, another is companion planting. Marigolds are a good natural form of pest control, deterring aphids and a variety of other pests from your crop.


Please Note…. We have tested our seeds for germination and are confident in the quality of our product. We cannot guarantee germination due to too many variables. However, following the above steps will greatly improve your chances. On a final note, we advise putting netting over your flowerbed to avoid the birds and other animals from stealing your seeds. Happy Growing!


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