growing runner beans

Excellent crops of smooth textured, 35-40 cm long pods. A great source of Vitamin C and iron. Runner beans are an easy plant for novice organic gardeners to grow. It is easy to grow runner beans from seeds – even small children can give it a go. One thing to bare in mind is runner beans are a vine plant and require some support. Trellis’ or bamboo wigwams are a good example for these hardy plants to be grown in a small space.​

·      Sow seeds indoors during March and April and plant outside between the end of April and early June.

·      Grow 'Scarlet Emperor' in fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun.

·      Keep plants well watered and harvest the beans regularly to prolong flowering.

·      When the shoots of the runner beans have reached the top of your support, pinch out the growing tips to allow the plants to bush out and create more fruit.


The main thing to remember about runner beans is that they are very hungry and very thirsty plants. Not only will you need to ensure adequate nutrients, you will also need to provide large amounts of water, especially when it is dry and especially when the flowers are just beginning to form. Organic mulch can help to retain moisture and provide nutrients throughout the season.


Please Note…. We have tested our seeds for germination and are confident in the quality of our product. We cannot however guarantee germination due to too many variables, although following the steps above will greatly improve your chances. On a final note, we advise putting netting over your flowerbed to avoid the birds and other animals from stealing your seeds. Happy Growing!


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