Growing Rhubarb

These instructions guide you through the process growing from seed. However, let us do the hard work for you and visit our Shop to buy our already established crowns.

​Growing Rhubarb

  1. Put some damp soil in a plastic pot almost to the top

  2. Make a hole with your finger, drop in your rhubarb seed and cover with compost.

  3. Place your pot on a sunny windowsill

  4. Your seed should begin to germinate in around 1 or 2 weeks

  5. When your plants grow too big for the pot, plant them in bigger flowerpots or directly into the soil.

  6. When 6-8 inches in height plant out to their final growing position in good light with plenty of organic matter dug in.

  7. Plants should achieve 12 inches in height at the end of the first season.

  8. rhubarb can withstand partial shade and a certain amount of drought but grow best when watered through hot periods.


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