Your asparagus will arrive as bare-root crowns and should be unpacked and planted as soon as possible. Traditionally Asparagus are planted in spring, but the crowns can be planted at any point from autumn to spring. They need a sunny spot, shelter from strong winds and well-prepared soil that ideally has had lots of manure or compost added in the previous autumn.

Growing Asparagus


  • Prepare the bed well (ideally well before planting) by removing all the weeds and digging in lots of well-rotted manure or composted organic matter.


  • When planting, dig a trench approximately 30cm wide and 20cm deep and work a little more organic matter into the base of the trench. Using the excavated soil, create a 10cm tall, arched mound down the length of the trench and sit the crowns on top.


  • Allow 30-45cm between each plant, 45 cm between rows. Spread the roots out to form a star-shape and cover them with the remaining soil, leaving the tops of the crowns just visible.


  • Water thoroughly and mulch with a generous layer of composted organic matter.


  • During the growing season keep them well fed with organic fertiliser and make sure the bed stays free of weeds.


  • The first spears will appear soon after planting, but it is important that these are not cut, but allowed to develop into feathery stems throughout the summer. These can be cut back to just above ground level after they have started to die back in autumn.


  • Before the new spears appear in subsequent years, make a mound of soil over each row and apply a dressing of organic fertiliser. If you can, try to resist harvesting the spears in the second year too, as the plant should be left to develop a robust crown before you begin cutting 50% of the spears in their third year and fully harvesting in the years to follow.


We are confident in the quality of our products. We cannot however guarantee germination due to too many variables, although following the steps above will greatly improve your chances. On a final note, we advise putting netting over your flowerbed to avoid the birds and other animals from stealing your seeds. Happy Growing!


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